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Instructions for GIMS

Starting on May 14th 2018, any new I-20 request for non-US citizen students can be submitted directly to UFIC by clicking the button below and following these instructions:
  • Select "I have a Gatorlink username and password", to authenticate use of your UF credentials (*).
  • Use the UFID field to search for the student for whom you want to initiate the request and click the Search button.
  • The student should show on the Search Results section below on that page.
  • Click the "Register" button located next to the student's information
  • Complete the form and click the "update" button located at the end of the page
    Note: if you only enter your name and email and click update, UFIC will assume that your answer will be "No" for the first 11 questions and "Yes" for question 12.
  • An email notification will be automatically sent to you and to the student to inform both of you that the I-20 request has been initiated.

Please do not make duplicate requests. If you have made a mistake on a request, please contact one of our international advisors to provide the correct information.

(*) If you are unable to access this request, please contact to gain permission.